First Class Athletics Staff 

Kimberly Mayo

HI! My name is Kimberly Mayo.  I was a competitive cheerleader for 10 years where I won over 31 national titles individually. After graduation I became a member of the Jacksonville Jaguars Cheerleading team from 2003-2006. Throughout my time with the Jaguars I enjoyed giving back to our community through charitable events as well as traveling over seas to Thule Greenland and performing for our troops. 

In 2007 I was given the opportunity to be cast in the movie Bring It On In It To Win It as a Shark and Shet Dancer and Cheerleader. 

In 2008 I became a member of the Sweet Hearts for Soldiers traveling all over the United stated and over seas to the Middle East boosting the morale of our American troops. I along with 7 other former NFL cheerleaders from around the USA performed a variety show where I was a highlighted tumbler. 

In 2008 I became a staff member for International spirit. I grew so much as a coach and leader working with different countries through language barriers and cultural differences.  To this day I keep in touch with our camp members watching their growth and mentoring when needed. It is so rewarding to share my knowledge with children and adults all over the world.

In 2010 I was cast as the the MTV MADE coach for the Miami Beach Cheerleading team episode. I was challenged to transform a team not only in their abilities, but their attitude and work ethic in only 6 short weeks to perform in front of 13,000 fans. It was a long hard journey, but seeing my MADE team pull together and finally become a team showed me how they had also MADE me into a better coach.

In July of 2011 I took the field for the Jacksonville Sharks game as the on field personality. I had a blast getting the fans on their feet and interacting with our fans playing games and giving out prizes.

I am now the owner and head coach for the First Class Athletics Cheer Dance Tumble gym and the director of the Jacksonville Sharks Dance Team The Attack. I am USASF safety certified to teach Tumble and Cheer from levels 1-5. I am also adult and pediatric CPR, AED and First Aid Certified.

Nicole Glasgow- Gym Manager and Team coach FCACONNECT@YAHOO.COM

Chris Jacques- Team Coach, Tumbling director and head instructor, Assistant All-Star Director

Shawn Haddock - Team Coach and Stunt/Tumble Instructor

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Morgan Slaughter - Team Coach and Tumble/Stunt Instructor

Hannah Allen - Tumble/Stunt Instructor


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